July 6, 2022

Caterpillars are Lone Wolves (A Bug's Life)

Caterpillars are Lone Wolves (A Bug's Life)

This week we’re diving into Pixar’s 1998 A Bug’s Life. It’s still fun and cute and imaginative but as adults we’re also seeing through the cracks. Down the rabbit hole we go as we talk about colonialism, gender, Roe v Wade, capitalism, and what actually happens when caterpillars become butterflies. Before that Avery updates us on her experience with Hacks season 2 and Rosey reviews Love, Victor season 3. Then we look into a fun new kind of summer-focused list with trailers of what’s to come in 2022.

Next week we’re looking at the very fun and (hopefully still) very good Stick It!

Some Topics Covered:

Lists we did/Things we trailed:

Where to Stream:

  • Hacks — HBO Max
  • Love, Victor — Hulu
  • Sex Education — Netflix
  • Conversations with Friends — Hulu
  • Teen Wolf — Hulu

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