April 19, 2023

Where's Your Stuff? (Two Weeks Notice & 28 Days)

Where's Your Stuff? (Two Weeks Notice & 28 Days)
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The Sandra stories continue. This week we're looking at Two Weeks Notice and 28 Days. They have nothing in common except Sandra and numbers in their titles. We talk about everything from toxic workplace "romance" to what really goes on in a rehab. We cheer and we jeer - these movies are conflicting. We've finished Daisy Jones and started Yellowjackets and we've got thoughts on both.

Next week we'll finish up our month of Sandra on an odd downbeat with Premonitionand Bird Box.

Where to watch:
28 Days - Netflix
Two Weeks Notice - HBO
Yellowjackets - Hulu/Showtime
Daisy Jones & the Six - Amazon

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