Feb. 8, 2023

Drab Curtains (When Harry Met Sally)

Drab Curtains (When Harry Met Sally)

This week we're looking at 1989's When Harry Met Sally. Avery was so enthralled, she didn't take a single note, but we've still got a lot to say. It's a delightful journey and we're pleasantly surprised that this movie holds up pretty well. We were both left charmed and full of hope and who doesn't need that?

Next week we're looking at the award winning and award nominated Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Things we discussed
30 Delightful Behind-the-Scenes Facts About When Harry Met Sally
The Mindy Kaling Backlash Has Lost All Nuance
'The Flatshare': US Release Window, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Where to watch
When Harry Met Sally - Amazon
Shrinking - Apple TV
The Last of Us - HBO Max
Wednesday - Netflix
That 90s Show - Netflix
How I Met Your Father - Hulu