Oct. 6, 2021

Get out of here, Jim Halpert! (Origins)

Get out of here, Jim Halpert! (Origins)

Welcome to Episode ONE of Really Important Fictional Things THE PODCAST!

On our first audio adventure we introduce ourselves and our friendship, explore the evolution of friendships portrayed in teen dramas over the years, and review the Netflix Top 10 for the first week of October.

Some topics covered:

October 1 Netflix Top 10 trailers that we cared to watch:

Where to stream:

  • The OC — HBO Max
  • Teen Wolf — Hulu
  • Vampire Diaries — Netflix
  • Sex Education — Netflix
  • Boy Meets World — Disney+
  • High School Musical - the Musical: the Series — Disney+
  • One Tree Hill — Hulu
  • Supernatural — Netflix

As always, please hit us up with questions, suggestions, just to say hi, or god forbid any concerns (jkkk if you’re concerned we’re concerned, def let us know). You can email us at theriftpod@gmail.com.

Episodes drop every other Wednesday. See you in two weeks!