Sept. 21, 2022

If You Can't Kill Him, Just Bounce (Mythic Quest)

If You Can't Kill Him, Just Bounce (Mythic Quest)

This week we're diving into the Apple TV+ original Mythic Quest! From the minds of the Always Sunny crew, this workplace comedy is one of our faves. We get into all the hijinks, narcissism, unlikeable female characters, and more! On what we watched, Avery's not loving The Rings of Power and Rosey has a love-hate relationship with Kevin Can Go F Himself.

Next up next week is our second installment of The Afterparty watchalong, covering Chelsea and Yasper.

Things we talked about
Name a Woman
Don’t Worry Darling
Stardew Valley

Where to Watch
Rings of Power - Amazon Prime
Kevin can go f himself - Amazon Prime
Mythic Quest - Apple TV+ 
Horrible Bosses - HBO Max
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Hulu
Casper - Peacock
Hocus Pocus - Disney+