March 3, 2022

Irish Dolphins (Titanic)

Irish Dolphins (Titanic)

This week we’re taking on the truly giant Titanic, a creation of the giant personality (and ego) of James Cameron. (1:38) Rosey is watching Love is Blind. (2:50) Mild Spoilers: Why is everyone into Euphoria? (8:54) Avery's watch updates. (16:45) Rosey has more intel on In From The Cold. (22:20) Diving deep into JC's Titanic. (1:22:40) A History of "Shut Up". (1:25:10) The real people of the Titanic.

Next week we’ll analyze the Oscar-winner mind-bending (but is it?) Birdman.

Some topics covered:

Where to stream:

  • Love is Blind — Netflix
  • Euphoria — HBO
  • Severance — AppleTV+
  • Munich: Edge of War — Netflix

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