April 5, 2023

Just Break Your Thumbs (Speed & The Lake House)

Just Break Your Thumbs (Speed & The Lake House)
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This week we start our month of Sandra! We kick it off with Speed (1994) andThe Lake House(2006) aka we kick it off with Keanu Reeves. We break them both down, despite enjoying one much more than the other, and get into flying busses, magical mailboxes, and the cringiest kisses we've ever seen. In addition to Sandra, Avery watched Narcos, Rosey watched Ted Lasso,and we both played a lot of Sims.

Next week we continue with Sandra and will be talking about While You Were Sleeping and Practical Magic.

Things we talked about:
Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock on Ellen
How Did This Get Made? - The Lake House
Keanu Speed Interview
What My Bones Know - Stephane Foo

Where to watch:
Speed - Amazon
The Lake House - Amazon
Narcos - Netflix
Ted Lasso - Apple TV

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