June 22, 2022

Just Don't Get Slashed (Scream)

Just Don't Get Slashed (Scream)

This week we’re diving into the 1996 critical hit Scream. We’re screaming about it, but not necessarily in delight. Avery, who loved this movie as a youngin, is particularly shocked by her reaction upon rewatch — Rosey as usual pulls no punches. On what we watched we chat about Fleabag season 2 (minor spoilers), Hacks season 2, Stranger Things (minor spoilers), and surprise! Basketball.

Next week we're taking on our first kid's movie A Bug's Life.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Murders inspired by Scream
  • The government says UFOs exist
  • The Ezra Klein Show

Where to Stream:

  • Fleabag — Amazon Prime
  • Hacks — HBO Max
  • Stranger Things — Netflix
  • Scream — For rent on most platforms
  • Panic Room — For rent on most platforms
  • Fresh — Hulu
  • New Girl — Netflix
  • How To Be Single — For rent on most platforms

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