June 8, 2022

Kissed Her Like A Wooden Board (That Thing You Do!)

Kissed Her Like A Wooden Board (That Thing You Do!)

This week we're investigating the Tom Hanks baby, and Liv Tyler star vehicle despite almost no lines, That Thing You Do!  There's pop music, musician divas, nearly silent women, a magical black man...we've got a lot to talk about. For What We Watched, New Girl is a forever love and Conversations With Friends is confusing. Then we check out the Netflix Top 10.

Don’t forget to check out Rosey’s guest spot on friend podcast Multiplex Time Machine!

Some Topics Covered:

Things We Trailed:

Where to Stream:

  • New Girl — Netflix
  • The Perfection — Netflix
  • Conversations with Friends — Hulu
  • Candy — Hulu
  • Pivoting — Hulu

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