Oct. 19, 2022

Those Damn Roombas (Hocus Pocus 1 & 2)

Those Damn Roombas (Hocus Pocus 1 & 2)

It's spooky season folks! This week we're diving into Hocus Pocus and it's follow-up Hocus Pocus 2! We analyze the pros and cons of sequels and wokeness, and wax poetic on how crushable and problematic boys were in the 90s. Later, Rosey is devouring Tell Me Lies and Avery is comfort watching Great British Baking Show.

Next week we'll cover the final installment of The Afterparty  watch-along, "Danner" and "Maggie".

Things We Talked About
Grown Up Lizzie McGuire
The set of Dahmer was a racist atmosphere

Where to Watch
Hocus Pocus 1 and 2—Disney+
Arrested Development—Netflix 
Veep—HBO Max
Lizzie McGuire—Disney+
Tell Me Lies—Hulu
The Patient—Hulu